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Because....we need a tag line.
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enjoy my drawings please :iconimhighplz:




Quick colored sketch
New character: Lindsey .:.lazy sketch.:. by ZeNanamech
not really much effort put into it just a quick tiny sketch
Digital fully colored thin lines (NO BG)
Shanshan by ZeNanamechToby by ZeNanamech.:.Ronald.:. by ZeNanamech
A fully colored thin lined Piece with either a white BG or a transparent BG
Doodle dump
just look at what im doing with my life by ZeNanamechsketch dump :D by ZeNanamech
A various array of multiple characters on one page
Traditional with outline and colored (NO BG)
Toranto by ZeNanamechNon by ZeNanamech.:.Everything you wanted.:. by ZeNanamech.:.Just keep on doing what you do.:. by ZeNanamech traditional art MAY take a while, (lack of camera resource & a scanner)
Fully colored,digital with thin lines with BG
.:.The Illusionist.:. by ZeNanamechDese two lovies by ZeNanamechLarenzo~ by on repeat.:. by ZeNanamech it WILL take a bit of time so dont expect it to be on time i try my best to fill in everything just give me a description of what you would like <3 Sorry about it being so pricey but i rarely have time to draw and such
.:.via floaty.:. by ZeNanamechSirex floaty by ZeNanamech
a full body drawing of up to 2 characters floating on a white sheet
blinking icon
just a short blinking animation for an icon (may or may not be pixelated)



1. Video game: GTA5 or The wolf Among us
2. Show: south park
3. Kids cartoon character: Tallest red
4. Anime/manga character: Soul (soul eater)
5. Final fantasy character: dunno
6. Present you received: phone battery
7. Color: blue
8. Sonic character: silver
9. Band: Innerpartysystem
10. Song: why did you change - innerpartysystem
11. Food: mashed potato 
12. Drink:  strawberry lemonade 
13. Number: 26
14. Planet: Neptune
15. Simpsons character: Bart
16. Country: Japan
17. Job: Entertainer
18. Magazine: Game informer 
19. Comic: Deadpool corps
20. Action figure/doll: an old Jesse (from team rocket) figurine 
21. Weather: Warm but shady
22. Month: April
23. Day of the week: Friday 
24. Fruit: Peach
25. Meat: Deer 
26. Body part: dunno
27. Electronic device: laptop
28. Person on dA: So many ;-;
29. Video game console: Xbox360
30. Video game company: gamefreak
31. DVD: dunno
32. Movie: osmosis jones
33. Road: dunno
34. City: New york city
35. Holiday destination: Los Angles 
36. dA emoticon:  i dunno
37. Online game: eyes
38. Family Guy character: Stewie
39. Fullmetal Alchemist Character: dunno
40. Green Day song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
41. Lead singer of a band: dunno
42. Mario character: dry bones
43. Snack: tiny red velvet cakes <3
44. Fizzy drink: apple soda
45. Scent: any thing sweet
46. Taste: white chocolate (depends though)
47. Sound: whoop WHOOP
48. Feeling: pain (braces)
49. Animal: ring-tailed lemurs <3 
50. Circus attraction: tigers 
51. Fairground ride: anything with an adrenaline rush 
52. Kitchen utensil: Knife <3
53. Junk food: sour candy 
54. Word: Bitchtits, K-nee
55. Type of footwear: high top sneakers
56. Type of clothing: T-shirts and jeans
57. Pokémon: Gardevoir and Blaziken 
58. Digimon: Patamon <3
59. Thing about love: fuzzyness
60. Type of Joke: thats what she said jokes
61. American state: California
62. Bug: Butterfly
63. Aquatic animal: Great white shark
64. Seafood: ew no
65. Store: hot topic 
66. Time of day: Night.
67. Arcade game: sonic arcade games
68. Favorite PC Music Player: transportable mp3 players
69. Sport: none
70. Animated Character: thrax from osmosis jones
71. Accessory: bracelets and glasses
72. Lesson: ART 
73. Video Game Character: red (pokemon)
74. Way of Dying: sleep
75. Body part of the Opposite gender: dunno
76. Extreme sport: dunno
77. Thing about the opposite gender: dunnnnooooo
78. Way of showing affection: dunnnnoooooo
79. Type of swimwear: shorts?
80. Favorite historical era: 1996 (pokemon started :3)
81. Celebrity: christina Perri
82. Celebrity couple: dunno
83. Shipping: SO MANY SHIPS ACK 
85. Takeout: the 99
86. Metal: three days grace
87. Anime: Attack on titan
88. Candy: anything sour
89. Cookie: double chocolate
90. Final Fantasy game: idk.
91. Type of cake: red velvet
92. Doughnut: ew
93. Type of music: dubstep,metal,techno
94. Type of film: Comedies, horror 
95. Channel: Syfy
96. Radio station: Whatever station
97. Website: DeviantART 
98. Episode of Show: dunno
99. Tool: hammer
100. Reality Show: Jim Henson's creature shop

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Kaeleigh Prouty
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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Hello whoever is reading my page!My name is Kaeleigh, but you can call me Kae,Nanamech, or Kaeass. I dont bite so dont be afraid to talk to me~ Ive been drawing for at least 3 years and i got into deviantart a year after! I love feed back so please be honest about my art i dont care if you say its bad.It only helps me improve! I grew up with video games and comic books so im a huge marvel,DC comics,Sonic,Zelda, and mario fan.I mostly draw invader zim because :iconcuddlesandhuggles: got me into it lD.and i love creepypasta i dont really draw it but i will soon! Im a huge Lost Silver fan eue

░█░░█░░█░░█░ put this
░████░░████░ on your channel
░█░█░░░█░░░░ if you roleplay
♂ + ♂ = ♥ GENDER
♀ + ♀ = ♥ DOESN'T
♀ + ♂ = ♥ MATTER
WuB .ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲­̅­̅­|­l­l­ı­l­ı­l­ı­.­ WuB

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amount of points that i have:  65  please dona

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̴̛͇̤̩̩ͤ̈́ͭ͌̽̂ͣ͘ͅG̛̜͍͓̲̗̋ͯ̅ͩͮ̈ͯ͡e̖͈͖͕̙͎͖̠̽ͬ̈́́͗̂̅ǹ̵̩͓͔͑͜t̴̵͔̤͌ͥͤͨ̌̓l̴ͬ̎ͩ͒̐͏̷̰͍͍̜̪ỵ̛͓̼͖̗̯̗ͯ̄ͨͦ̎̍͛ͫ͢ ̄̑̒ͩͨ̚҉̜̹͉̲̯͎̼̘͘d̡̛͓͕̖̘̝̹̜̞̎ͫ̓͐̆̔o̙̙͖͉̥͇͑ͦ̃ͬ͘w̤̻̟͔ͪ̄n̮͖̥̭̦̯͓͋ͤ̿̎ͫ̉́͛̕͜͜ ̸̰͙̬̙̫͌͗ͭ̍͟͝ͅtͭ̾̊͌ͤ̎͞҉̜͓͎̘̭̦h̩͚̬̞̫̹̆̇̚̕͜ę͚̰̈̿̏ͯ͢ ̢̙̱͗͒̌s̝͖ͦ̍̉̎̄̚t̜̩̳̤͎̘͎̀͆́r̠̺̼̖̫̉ͥ̌̌̉ͭ́̂̚e͋҉͏͓̰̳̘͍a͉̱͙̦͖̩̓̿ͩ̉̓̑̔͑͜m̴ͥͭͧͣ̑͒̌̍ͦ҉̘̲͖̖.̨̏͋͑͌̄͏̤͓͚̭̲
̪͓͕͍͓͂̏̑ͪ͒ͦ͊̎́M̛̜̤̻͓̱̣ͩ̄ͯ̔̎ͫ́ͫ̉ͅͅȩ̥̼̄̉̌̂̐r̾͏͉͎̼͙͍̫r͔̞̘̟ͩ̎̈ͪͯ́͞ḭ̪̻͔̱̺̞͚̋ͣ̽ͣͩ̏̔ͪ͟l̸̩͈̼͂ͩ͑̌̿̎y̫̺̳̮̖̜̱̜̻ͭ͆̒͊,̱͔̤̪̰͇̝̓͑ͦ̍͐́ͭ̀ ̡͓̖̰̥̠̝͕ͪ͜m̶̬̳ͫ͋̅̀ͮ̂e̷̟̠̗̤͕̪̲͗̂͑̓͒̈͡r̡͚͖͑̏͒͛̓͞r̴̬̠͍̫̥̣̄́͌̋ͬỉ̫̠͆̔̌͟ļ̤͈̟̗̥̫̼͑ͭ͐̀y͚̥̙̤̞̻̭͚̾̃,̒ͦ̈ͬ̊ͯͪ҉̺͎̬̖̠̙͕̯͎ ̓ͮ͒͏͏̸̯̯͕̥͓m̯̞̲͎̤̳̹̪ͦ͗̿̄̈̆̌͊͟͡e̴̺͚ͥ̉̏̐̐͋̀͂r̨̳̻ͮr̵̵̜͔͎̝͍͖̭͔͂ͫ̏͌̉î̮̜̝͖̦̜͎̝̺͐̉̅͋ͧ̑̔l͓̖̮̳̭̐ͩ̂̈́͂͢y͓͕̳̙̗ͣͭ͋̒́͢,̢͕͙̬̠̓ͨ͛ͯ͡ ̸̩̫̖̒̓ͦ̓m̟̫̙̪̞̜͈̾̊ȅ́̓̚͏̲͎͓̟͚ͅrͮ̉̄̑̔̀̅̒͂҉̶̻̮͚̜͍̘̟͢r͉̞͍ͬͥ̐̑̀î̛̬̟̻̫̉ͯͮ͢͜l͒͆҉̲͎̜̦ͅẏ̇ͯ҉̛̻̘̩̠,̡̧̛̮̩̯̰̻̲̜̋ͨͅ
̩̹͇ͪ͛̄͑̄̇͠L̵̛̳͍͔͈̬͉͋̑ͫ̐̈̓̽̈́̂i̩̩̲̘̤̟̯ͧ͋͊̑͋́ͬ̀̚̕f̷̴̡͇͎͈̞̰̲̻̒͛͑ͥ͑̿ͅe̴̵̟͙̗͈̠̪̮̤͗͆͡ ̵͈̤̌ī̡̡̢̮̮̤͎̖̩̟̌͑s̸̨̼̥̹̭̀̃ͮ̌͗ͬ͐ͅ ̡̡̞͉̫ͫ͒͆͆ͦb͚̝͆̍̌͆̔u̸̥̲̣̜͖̹̹̘̙͒́t̙̯̙̙̲̝͚͍̅̔͋̆͟͟ ͈̭̯̬ͤ̾ͫͯͣͪ̐͑́͜a̘ͪ̽ͣͯ̆ͯ̚ ̨͇̹̞͉̞̤̮̠̇ͪͩ́͆d̄ͬ̏͊ͤ͊́̚̚͏̴̣ŗ̲͕̣̣͉͕̘̆̆̿ͧ͐̅̿̍e̶̴̢͓̝̐ͥͣ̈́͊̅̽ả̼̙̲̰̔̋͗ͤͣ̀̒͠m̠̾̍ͪ̒ͅ.̺̬̦ͭ̇ͭ́͋̈ͭ̽̐͢

゙(゚、 。 7 ~meow~
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ

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thanks for the watch back! X3
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Juliet-W-42 Mar 15, 2014  New member
hi! i am :iconinvadernar-42:. my old account was too hectic, so im starting over with this one. same person XP
Inv4derB00 Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god you're webcam is hilarious! XDD 
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Thanks for adopting, and you also have impressive art!
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Hello, Kitty. :iconhellokittyplz:
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= Fight for you 
= Respect you
= Involve you
= Encourage you 
= Deserve you 
= Save you
Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back you are liked but if you get 7 back then you are seriously loved.
RinReagan Jan 4, 2014

*GASP* I love your art.

do you like invader zim? : D

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InvaderVex278 Jan 1, 2014   General Artist
Kae, I has a question for you...
Who's that on your icon?
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CuddlesAndHuggles Dec 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Surpriiise! Merry Christmas! ;D
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Shark-Hazard Dec 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Here My OC Via would love one <3
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Loli42 Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

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thanks for the fave :)
Loli42 Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

1. We haven't talked in a while.

2. What's that converter you used to get music off YouTube?
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